Actors Describe their Experience

Kennedy's class is a constant reminder- it's a deepening of an understanding- that the actor themselves are the instrument. If you are open to learn something outside of the acting norms and are open to delve into a lot of mystery, then I strongly recommend taking class with Kennedy.

Mojean Aria (Actor, Writer, Producer)

Working with Kennedy helped me a lot to understand the behavior of a character in a certain situation without having to resort to the most chaotic moments of my life to achieve it, simply understanding my body and its reactions. Kennedy with his experience, humor and wonderful treatment, time flies by and you do not want the sessions to end, unlike other workshops I have taken, his technique is very punctual and easy to understand, which allows you not to wander in ambiguities and get to work. Somehow, he manages to have enough attention for each of his students, so when studying with him you have the guarantee that you will train and learn. Thanks Kennedy for opening a new door and making me fall more in love with my career. 

Vanessa Restropo (Actress)


"I always tell people, "You want to be a real actor? You have to take movement with Kenny Brown!" I laugh saying this but it's true. I honestly feel that it wasn't until I took your classes that I became much more connected with my body, my voice and the other actors in the scene. Your classes have to taught me how to access my emotions a lot quicker. How to play different characters and easily find them in the body. I think as actors it's easy to think about the character but to actually feel them in your body is another experience. I think that's what separates great actors from the rest. Its knowing how to find the character in your physical being and it wasn't until I took your classes that I felt I was able to do that. Thank you Kennedy, for making us better story tellers and releasing us from things that hold us back. Thank you for giving us freedom to reach our highest acting potential!"

Vanesa Vasquez (Actress)

Kennedy Brown's Movement classes changed the way I approach character development, not only from the physical manifestation but also the mental. His teaching of Faye Simpson's Lucid Body Technique is essential for any serious actor in stage, television, or film.

Matt Magnuson (LA Actor)

I had the good fortune to work with Kennedy brown in Los Angeles and I can say that his work with the voice and dialects are incredibly effective. He is very experienced at working with actors. He uses fascinating techniques to get you to make changes to your voice, body and speech sounds so that you understand the accent that you are working and and so that youunderstand your character on a deeper level.

Irene Azuela (Award Winning Actress)

Kennedy Brown opened a path for me to find myself by working with the body and learning to connect with every feeling that lives in it. The work with Kennedy is profound- it released the actor that lives in me. This work is very important- it allows you to find the parts of you that are hidden and teaches you how to use them for creating characters.

Valeria Maldonado (LA Actress)

Kennedy is not only an acting teacher, a speech teacher or a movement teacher, but he is also a teacher of life. His passion for teaching is contagious and motivating. He is a wonderful observer of life. With him you can feel that you are in the best of hands.

Mónica Huarte (Award Winning Actress)

Working with Kennedy is always a pleasure. I hold him in the highest esteem!

Mario Cimarro (TV and Film Star)

Kennedy Brown has a wonderful ability to get the best work out of an actor. He gives permission to allow parts of yourself that are hidden to breathe- and to give them a voice and express themselves in your characters. The work is demanding but compassionate, sometimes dangerous but always gentle and full of love. I cannot express how valuable this work is for the professional actor or for anybody who chooses to study with him.

Patrick Davis (LA Actor)

For my actor friends who want to learn better how to communicate with your bodies, breath, voice and physical and emotional energy on stage and screen I cannot recommend this class more. Here's why... I studied this technique for months day in day out over a period of 2 years at a fancy acting conservatory with the man who is leading this class and it changed the game for me. It informs everything I do now performance wise. It has been the most effective class I've ever taken in the arts. I feel like you will look at performances differently after this class. It has also been a complete paradigm shift for everyone I know who has taken it. Not hype. Truth. I can recommend it wholeheartedly and with passion.

Frank Cronin (Actor, Stand up Comedian)

Movement with Kennedy has challenged me to explore my overall physicality and inner voice. Allowing me to create a realistic ease of motion that helps you get out of your head. His unique skill set has shown me how to approach my work from a new perspective.

Sebastian Cole (Actor, Model)

Taking Kennedy’s movement fundamentally changed my entire approach to acting and building a character’s entire physical language. The chance to work with Kennedy and my other fellow actors in a safe, non-judgmental, collaborative environment was truly humbling. I found the work to be equal parts challenging, inspiring and sometimes terrifying and they have become an essential part of my acting process. Incredibly valuable lessons from a wonderful man. We need these classes here in Australia.

Giustino Della Vedova (Actor)

Kennedy Brown's movement classes & workshops are a must for any actor. Kennedy taught me how to deepen my work & character development by infusing physicality to a deep primal level. I benefited greatly not only professionally but also on a personal basis from the training. Outside of the technique, Kennedy is a wonderful teacher and fantastic person. I will sure be back to take the class again soon.

Declan Michael Laird (TV & Film)

When I came to Kennedy I didn't yet have a strong understanding of how important my body could be in approaching the work that I do as an actor. I always felt like my choices had to come from an intellectual or emotional place, and I was yet to learn that something as simple as a change in posture and breath could connect me to the character I'm playing on a whole other level. Through Kennedy's classes I learned how to truly connect with my body, something i now realise i was a stranger to before these lessons. I also learned how to connect with my scene partner in such a raw and primal way... just thinking about the moments I have had in his classes still has an emotional effect on me. I use the techniques he has given me, to this day, in both my professional and personal life. The person he is also has a profound affect on his students, you know you are in the hands of someone who is genuinely intrigued about the person you are beneath it all, and he creates such a safe and loving space for each and every one of his students to get beyond the walls of their own inhibitions. It is impossible to finish learning from Kennedy and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Ella Cannon (Actress)


The moment I stepped into kennedy's 'Movement' class without even knowing it, I was about to discover what acting with every fiber of my body was really about. Kennedy's heart and wisdom about the body, its energy, and how you can tap into it, is for me, a complete school! What I love the most about 'movement' was how personal, and specific the discovery of who you are and how being familiar with it can invite a character in . He allowed me to understand that no matter what character I create, I must  find certain elements and experience it In my own body before allowing the character to come in; to feel comfortable in my  skin. The technique itself is fascinating, but the way Kennedy shares it is a special gift. The body never lies, and 'Movement' has made my work as an actor more truthful, fuller and authentic.

Ernesto Reyes (Actor)

Studying with Kennedy and the lucid body technique has changed the way I approach acting. This work gets your out of your head and into your body. Before I started studying with Kennedy I struggled with judgement of myself and the world around me. This technique has allowed me to open myself up and truly be vulnerable in my acting. Being able to access my emotions through moving and understanding my body, not just my thoughts, has been extremely valuable to me as an actor. Kennedy is such a dedicated teacher who continues to be inspired and excited by the work with each class he teaches. His classes are truly intimate and a wonderful space to make discoveries. 

Anna Cordell (Actress, Writer, Producer)

Being Deaf since the age of four, I have had bad experiences with speech teachers.  When I first learned about my new Speech Coach at Stella Adler, I was not thrilled to say the least.  I have never been comfortable with speech teachers growing up, having to learn how to pronounce words clearly, which is obviously very difficult for Deaf individuals.  Kennedy is someone I had an immediate connection with.  I thought to myself, where has he been all my life!  I could not have asked for a better speech teacher!  I felt so comfortable for the first time.  My confidence in my speaking abilities grew immensely! His passion and skill as a speech coach is contagious, his love for his craft is genuine, and his pure honesty is welcomed and refreshing.  One can tell he genuinely cares about all of his clients, and brings the same professionalism to everyone he meets.  I continue to use him whenever needed for any and all auditions or roles I receive. I also consider him to be a true friend. Stay Gold my dude!. 

Michael Anthony Spady (Actor)

So I am writing this testimonial coming straight out of a screen test just 20 minutes ago. It was such an incredible experience due to the work that has been drilled into my DNA by Kennedy Brown. I was given one of the greatest compliments ever from the director which was “wow, the way you get into a completely different type of body frame when we yelled action is just outstanding” What a direct testament to the work Kennedy opens you to. My selfish side secretly doesn’t want any actor to ever even come across Kennedy’s website and see this story because then they will also have the cheat code to this video game. However, if you are, then congratulations, you have just been given a "gift" within acting. Use it wisely ;-)

Adrien Quinta (Actor)

I am so happy with this workshop I just experienced. Kennedy has this special ability to transmit his passion and respect for the actor´s work. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and also thanks for your simplicity that encourages our talent to go forward. I would love to have Kennedy all year long in Mexico city as a training coach for actors.  I really recommend his Workshop to all my colleagues to improve your skills, working with him through this beautiful technique: RASA. Kennedy: from the bottom of my heart, thanks!!!

Arturo Barba (Actor)

The body never lies and it can communicate a story to an audience in truthful, spontaneous and clear ways. Being in Kennedy’s class, and in his care, opened me up to a wealth of abilities that my critical mind was not giving me the permission to access because of fear of failure. But Kennedy encouraged me, nudged me ever so gently, to go there, to believe in my impulses and instincts and to trust that my body would guide me. I found imagination in my body that continues to surprise me, role after role.  Thank you, Kennedy for guiding me to my gifts.

Akende Munalula (Actor, Producer, Writer)


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