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Virtual Classroom - Physical Acting Foundation: Lucid Body I

Date: Begins May 12 & 14, Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 am - 10 am PST

The Lucid Body is an intensive Psycho-Physical approach to acting training. In this course, actors will develop a detailed technique for connecting their physical body to the thoughts and feelings of their characters.  In this Foundation Level I course, an emphasis is placed learning about ones own physical habits and exploring exercises for moving beyond those habits.  


This is transformational work- giving actors the freedom to be far more expressive in their performance.  It also gives actors a process for making bold and authentic choices in their acting that serve the truth of their characters.  This is a valuable class for students of all levels​

Price: $400 USD

Early Registration:  $320  (Register by May 1) - Sliding Scale available upon request

To register, please contact Arabella Morgan at:

Virtual Classroom - Advanced Physical Acting: From Script to Performance- A Comprehensive Performance Development Process using Physical Acting Techniques 

Date: Begins May 12 & 14, Tuesdays & Thursdays 11 am - 1 pm PST

In this course Kennedy will guide actors through an intensive program where they will use a range of physical acting techniquest to develop roles for performance.


Actors will explore techniques for: 1) Developing complex characters 2) Connecting truthfully to the circumstances of the scene 3) Developing a deep connection to their character's needs & intentions and 4) Responding truthfully in the moment. At each stage actors will apply the physical acting techniques to their character's scenes. developing a complex process - from script to performance.

Price: $400 USD

Early Registration:  $320  (Register by May 1) - Sliding Scale available upon request

To register, please contact Arabella Morgan at:

Voice Intensive - De-structure Workshop  (Los Angeles)

Date: TBA

Over the years I have observed, and many acting teachers have stated, that vocal presence, power and expressive range gives actors a clear advantage in their careers in Hollywood.  Having taught Voice and Text in the BFA programs at New York University and Cal State Fullerton for over 20 years, I have a desire to share the work that I teach with actors in LA. 


In this workshop we will explore 'De-structuring', sometimes known as Fitzmaurice Voice work, in which actors release ‘body armor’ physical and energetic tensions that restrict the flow of the breath, resonance and emotions in the body.  


Through this work, actors experience greater authenticity in their voices as well as an innate connection of the voice to the thoughts /experiences of their characters.  My desire in this workshop is to give actors a process for making the voice a truly supportive part of their acting.

Price: $100

Early Registration:  $80  (Dates postponed)

Please register for this workshop here.

Location:  Studio A Dance, 2306 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake, 90027. Phone: (323) 661 8311

Recent Physical Acting Workshop in Los Angeles

Below are few scenes from the Recent Physical Acting Workshop conducted in Los Angeles in October at Stella Adler. Kennedy Brown talks about the technique in: ‘The Same Boat’, ‘Guiding’ and ‘Preparing the Physical Actor’.

Jamale Abou Hamad is a professional photographer, who took the Scenes and Clips from the Workshop. 


Flickr: jamaleabouhamad 

Facebook: @jamaleabouhamadofficial


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